Monday, September 21, 2015

"You not know your 'I'.." (Gurdjieff)

"You not know your 'I', not one second in all your life. Now I say, and you try. But very difficult. You try to remember to say 'I am' every hour. You not succeed, not important, you try."
(Gurdjieff, Essays & Reflections)

Friday, September 4, 2015

Habit & insight. Nididhyasana.

Post by James Swartz (according to Vedanta) on the notion of why insights into nonduality tend to be short-lived (due to habitual ignorance)- 

Because the ideas that reality is dualistic, the manifest universe (i.e., apparent reality) is real, and that one is the limited person one appears to be are so deeply ingrained in one’s psyche, it takes time and effort to remove its stain. For this reason, one has to continuously dwell on the teachings of Vedanta and apply them to each and every thought, circumstance, encounter, interaction, event, and experience of one’s life. While self-realization may be a “one-off” in that there is a moment when you “see” who you really are, self-actualization (i.e., the full assimilation of that knowledge, which allows one to live as the limitless self within the context of the limited body-mind-sense complex inhabiting an apparent reality characterized by limitation) takes time to establish. This is the third phase known as nididhyasana." (ShiningWorld)