Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Nothing is true. Everything is permissible".

"Nothing is true. Everything is permitted." - Hassan I Sabbah (Islamic / Ismaili mystic).

I was having a discussion with some friends recently regarding some of the more orthodox religions, especially the desert monotheistic religions. We came to the topic of rules, regulations, rewards and punishments, which seemed contrary to what the concept of a "loving God" would implement, let alone enforce.

Ultimately, one does need to think deeply about these apparent contradictions evident in almost all of the world's religions today- for only then can one be ready to challenge error and bring about correction which is needed in order for "religions" to actually carry out their purpose- the ending of the dream via happier dreams of Love.

The above quote came to mind, which I originally encountered a while back while delving into Chaos Magick, chaos theory and the like, but which purportedly stems back much farther into the recesses of Middle Eastern mysticism, secret Orders and those that "knew" but had to remain hidden due to persecuation by the orthodoxy of the time.

It really delivers a perfect summation of the whole universe, or the workings of phenomenality as they are apparent to us dualistic individuals trying to make desperate sense out of a senseless universe. There is no sense in it! Nothing is true -- all is in a constant state of change. And everything is permissible-- everything that exists MUST have been permitted by virtue of its very existence! How brief, but beautiful is that little quote.

Now when talking about nonduality, we are taking things to another level. A level where perhaps all is True and nothing is permissible (as there would be no apparent choice or a doer or cause within the changeless and eternal). But of course, religions, and pointers from the mystics were almost always aimed at dualistic individuals in an attempt to bring them to some form of awakening. And for that purpose they become useful.

Friday, February 12, 2016

My salvation comes from me. (L70)

"LESSON 70. My salvation comes from me."
(A Course in Miracles)

Such a powerful and useful idea for today, and on many levels.

On a conventional level, it gives me the motivation and focus to drive change, to practice, and to know where to look-- inward, rather than outward (as I have been habituated to do).

On an absolute level, I can look with quietude into who or what this 'me' seems to be, who the experiencer and enjoyer seems to be, and where my happiness truly originates from.