Thursday, March 31, 2016

Notes on 'The Disappearance of the Universe' (Gary Renard) in relation to ACIM & non-duality

Notes on 'The Disappearance of the Universe' (Gary Renard) in relation to ACIM & non-duality

I must say that I really enjoyed this book, both as a journey in its own right, and also in its unique 'interpretation' of A Course in Miracles. The story itself was entertaining and laid out some basic concepts in nonduality & ACIM from a simple, everyday perspective. There was also some entertaining reading related to world events etc.

For most readers, this book probably acts as a big motivating factor in picking up 'A Course in Miracles' (or starting again), and also in clarifying some of the more complex concepts in ACIM, which are prone to misinterpretation, dumbing down etc.

That said, the book does sometimes attempt to explain some conceptual points about the Course or nonduality, based on abstract quotes from ACIM- which seem not to have much in common with the idea being discussed (or rather seem to be a large 'stretch'). Further, for a book about nonduality and enlightenment, there's an awful amount of importance placed on events, time sequences, and personalities (like who's who back in history, and who will 'get enlightened' at what time in the future). Any truly 'enlightened being' would have likely worked out or come to the self-evident realization, however, that there are no 'enlightened' individuals or personalities.. ever. Such distractions detract from the philosophy of ACIM as well as nonduality in general.

Still, I can't fault the author's overall work too much here (which is motivational & inspiring for the most part), and its unique take on A Course in Miracles-- which IMO forms one of the better interpretations I've come across.

My only other comment on the above would be to keep in mind that this book, like countless others related to ACIM, presents ONE interpretation of the Course, and shouldn't be construed as the 'final note' or 'best interpretation' or 'The Course'. Ultimately, the Course does stand on its own, and speaks to different students in very different ways. If a student diligently and patiently follows the Workbook and Course, they will ultimately come to their own conclusions over time, and be left with a far better Guide than any written material or secondary opinion may offer.