Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Non-doership as an idea only.

David Carse (Perfect Brilliant Stillness) comments on the idea of nondoership, and notes that in some cases, such as Balsekar's pointing, this idea is given an overly central role- but that this isn't the whole story!

It is easy to walk around believing that there is no self, and no doer. However, DC nails it, in that this is just one facet of the liberation experience, and can't be the main course.

True awakening, when it occurs effortlessly, does away with ALL beliefs and notions, including nondoership. More has to occur besides the intellectual understanding that there is no doer or volitional self. Usually much abiding as the "I Am" takes place, in some cases for years (as with Nis himself) before stabilising happens and the permanent shift into just what-is takes place.

The 'disclaimer' in all of this, however, is that the above will either happen or not. If, ultimately, there really is nobody at the wheel, then shifts, understandings, practices, abidings, and apparent liberation will either occur, if and when, or not. The fact that YOU are reading this now, has occurred simply because it has occurred.. there is zero evidence to show that any agent forced 'you' here, or it was done through your own volitional effort (regardless of the after-thought ".. but I found this page" that may pop-up after the event took place).