Thursday, May 29, 2014

A little bit of "spiritual autolysis".

It’s all about self negation isn’t it? It’s all about nailing down and focusing on the untrue and the false, until it’s seen in its totality, and ultimately dropped like a piece of shit. Or just let stand, like a sand castle, until the waves come up and overtake it.. food for the ocean, sand on the beach once more.

There’s nothing to grasp actually. Nothing to nail down in regards to the Truth or the Absolute, or any form of perfection. Just a seeing of the false, and a dropping of the illusion. Then the “truth”, if there is such a thing, is clearly seen for what it is. Just this, what is here, minus the illusion investment, the biggest being the ‘false self’ or the idea of a subject being here. Of course, there is no actual ‘false self’. Nothing observable in direct experience. In this instant, just thoughts, sensations, experience, happenings. Continuity and time give the impression (in memory only) of there being something that is a ‘false self’ or even a ‘me’, or an illusion. In actuality, now, there’s nothing that can even remotely be labelled as any of those things. Just this here now. That’s all. When this is seen, it’s the truth. Simple isn’t it? Where’s the need then for teachings, systems, religions or ideas?

RM was right. Use the mind to get rid of the mind. Use the thorn to get rid of the thorn. Then discard the thorn. No longer needed. Nail down the false. See it fully. See how it is energised and maintained moment by moment. Then it’s no longer being energised. No longer a living ‘thing’. Just another appearance now. No more power than the pen on this desk, or the empty tuna can in the bin. What else then, could there be? What else, except the peace of this, as it is, left to be, just this, as it is.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Awareness and objects

For most of our lives, we live totally identified and fixated on objects. But in order to know these objects there needs to be awareness or consciousness present. We have even gone so far as to dream that we are a body and mind, which are themselves objects known in consciousness.

Awakening happens merely when it is known and seen that all we really are is consciousness + objects (one whole, not two parts). We ARE objectless awareness knowing itself as just this consciousness + objects showing up here now. This, knowing itself. Nothing much can be said about just this, knowing itself. Awareness in apparent form and activity.