Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"Experience your Perfect Soul"- compilation of spiritual authors. (Freedom Religion Press)

Experience Your Perfect Soul is a collection of carefully selected powerful quotes by the following seven authors: 1. Joel S. Goldsmith. 2. Eva Bell Werber. 3. William Samuel. 4. Ruby Nelson. 5. Elise Morgan. 6. W. Norman Cooper. 7. Katharine Pedrick.

Just finished reading this little compilation.

Enjoyed this compilation of quotes and readings from some lesser known American transcendentalists / contemporary mystics. Much of the work reads like A Course in Miracles, and points to nondual awareness and self-realization. However, the readings are more for inspiration, and not practical as such (other works by the publishing company are better for practical purposes). This would appeal to those who enjoy Christian mysticism, poetry, and the writings of early 20th Century spiritualists, new thought, etc.

As for practical advice, the writings mainly point to the need to spend time in silence, alone, and in a state of 'listening' to the soundless voice within. Along with this, there is the advice to stay centred and connected to one's Inner Presence, even when involved in activity (similar to the idea of maintaining mindfulness of one's self throughout the day). There are also some good points on fostering positive attitudes such as 'love', 'praise', and 'gratitude', which can help throughout the day, when not involved in meditative activities.

The parts of the book that I enjoyed the most were Eva Bell Werber, William Samuel, and Ruby Nelson.

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