Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Paradox in Nonduality.

Here's a gem by Douglas Harding on the paradox of all or nothing, that gets so many into a bind..



Your true Nature is the Paradox to take care of all paradoxes: There is nothing that is not you and nothing that is you; 

The Aware Space is and isn't its contents; you care and you don't care; you control things and they just happen. 

This may sound silly, but in fact it is the perfection of wisdom. And it works. Spiritual life is all paradox. It's the union of opposites. It's having your cherry cake and eating it. 

It finds you on the way Home and all the way Home, seated, with your feet up, by the fire of God's love. 

~ From: Open to the Source, by Douglas Harding

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