Monday, February 9, 2015

On Free-will- (a bit of Neo-Advaita for the day).

Understanding Is All

There is one aspect of free will allowed, though: the freedom to think you have free will. But this in no way changes the actual truth that you are simply not the doer. You are being done at every moment by Source. 
You ,don't exist as separate from Source except in your fantasy of separation. There is no you as "me." There is only Consciousness as "I AM" in appearance and "I - I" at rest. 
Your efforts to change life from what it is --- as is, into something different are futile. You are headed down the path of destiny that was laid out at the moment of your conception. If you accomplish some planned goal in your life, it is a coincidence because the plan was already established by Grace and Destiny. It happened in spite of you and not because of you. Source is very cleverly keeping you confused about who's in charge here. 
Once you awaken and it sinks in that all there is, is Consciousness, and you as the "me" are not the doer, then only one course of nonaction remains open for you to relax into -- that is, just be. Do nothing -- understanding is all! 

~ From: From Onions to Pearls, by Satyam Nadeen.

(Apparently, Satyam Nadeen was impressed by HL Poonja & Ramesh Balsekar's teachings (which obviously shows above), while attending prison (?), and is a teacher on the US Advaita circuit).

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