Sunday, January 4, 2015

Evolution derailed.

Evolution Derailed

There are many teachers on the tent revival satsang circuit talking about enlightenment as the next great step in the evolution of the human race, and it's all very exciting because that step is happening now, with lots more people waking up than was ever the case at any other time in history. 
This kind of thing is just confused and dream-bound thinking. Enlightenment has nothing to do with turning points in history, with lots of people waking up. It has nothing to do with evolution. 
As Jed McKenna notes, "If anything, enlightenment is evolution derailed." Evolution is a completely dualistic concept. 
Individuals, or the whole race, growing and changing and developing and becoming better over time: this is a description of dualism, of how dualism operates. Evolution is about change in relative objects. Enlightenment is the opposite; it is about realizing the Truth, absolute subjectivity, which is unchanging.

- David Carse, Perfect Brilliant Stillness

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