Monday, January 26, 2015

Am I 'the universe'? Yes and no.

It's understandable some people rail against the commonly held notion in spiritual circles that "you are the universe!", and speaking from a dualistic standpoint, it is nonsense. There's clearly 'this' here, and 'that' there. And as a starting point (from a dual reference point), the attention does need to be directed back onto 'that' which is aware of itself (hence all the exhortations to find the watcher, see the seer, abide in beingness, notice that you are not the object etc etc.)

BUT, let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater. 

There is another response from another perspective, and probably a little more accurate in terms of doing away with the above duality of ANY subject and object (if such can be aimed at):

Comment (spiritual person A):

"You are the universe." What crap. You might as well say "You are your body."
Or perhaps we are so asleep that we managed to switch the word "God" for "Universe" without noticing - meaning: great, awesome, otherly, infinite space beyond our comprehension.
Whatever the universe "Is", it's not that which we perceive with our five physical senses, and it's sheer human arrogance also to state that our collective awareness is "it".
Rant over.

Response (DP):

Although the OP has a point, from another perspective, what are we BUT phenomenality? 

Noumenality can't even be spoken of, and is attribute free, so the only 'part' of existence that can be spoken about and that makes any sense to equate is, in fact, just phenomenality and therefore 'the universe'. 'The body' is just a designated label for what's showing up sense-wise.. And yes, I'm that too (otherwise there would be yet another duality set up).

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