Thursday, May 5, 2016

The power of decision is my own. (ACIM Lesson 152). Notes.

The power of decision is my own. (ACIM Lesson 152)

  • The Course takes the position that our current situation, as we experience it, it completely created and chosen (on some level) by ourselves. Our world is made / invented by our own beliefs, thoughts, etc., which all stem from the original 'crazy, mad idea' to believe ourselves to be separate from the Whole (ie dualism).
  • The distinction is made between truth and illusions. The world that we 'made' is false- being transient, changeable, based on perception and unstable. The truth, being unchangeable, and as it was originally created to be, has never changed and shares the Will of God (ie. nondual unity).
  • Mixing the true with the illusory, or entertaining concepts of good/evil, God within the world, etc. all point to erroneous concepts that fail the logical test of truth OR illusion (mutually exclusive). To believe the two can be mixed will result in confusion.

-- With the laying down of all concepts, perceptions and ideas we have about what we think we are, and what the world is, the Course advises some quiet time today to rest along with the idea that 'The power of decision is my own', and that 'I am as God created me' -- ie. pure awareness, wholeness, suchness.

(This exercise also happens to be an excellent form of self-remembering or self-looking, whereby I can just rest in the awareness of what-I-am, being the source of any apparent decisions that seem to be made in life).

(For those that may be temped to question the idea that decisions imply some form of free-will and self-direction on behalf of the non-existent ego / personal self, it may be noted that even apparent thought/decision appears within and as the knowingness-that-I-am, and that therefore the power of decision really does 'belong to me' in the sense of awareness-as-all.)

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