Friday, May 1, 2015

Self Observation- RN

"First of all, there is something to be learned about negativity and its power over us that you can verify in your recent experience. It does not matter how often you find yourself in sleep, only that you recognize it. The principal exercise is uncritical self-observation. Forget about transforming. Self-observation is your aim. Fill your environment and your schedule with reminding factors to observe yourself.

Your repeated efforts at self-observation will build a Work memory that will in turn remind you to do the Work.

All anyone can do for a very long time is practice self-observation. Observing negativity is one of the most informative ways to gain understanding about oneself and about the nature of sleep. You can use the feeling of negativity to remind yourself to observe: How are you negative? What is the source of your negativity? Anger, pain, fear? Make a practice of observing your negativity and separating some observing I's from it. Don't identify with it, become passive to it. If it continues to take place, let it but try not to give it your attention."

- Rebecca Nottingham.

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