Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Gratitude- S.N.

The Prayer of Gratitude

After awakening, there's an overwhelming moment-to-moment feeling of gratitude, which is very akin to prayer. Each breath is a deep "Ahhh!" of profound gratitude for the experience of such oneness with Source -- relief that the conflict and confusion are now over and one can relax into no more doing, just being, and reveling in this deliverance that deepens the understanding daily. 

This gratitude of which I speak does not mean that the "me" is so fortunate as to have won this universal lottery of awakening. 

No, there's no "me" home now to enjoy anything. There is just awareness that the "I," as in "I Am That," is the "I" of Consciousness at rest and Consciousness in appearance, and they are one and the same Source. 

In Pearl Vision, the only prayer worthwhile and meaningful is the prayer of gratitude, singing out in joy at the awesome diversity of the One in the many. 

~ Satyam Nadeen, in:From Onions to Pearls

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