Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Conditioned consciousness.

A few notes on 'conditioned consciousness' or "I am".

"Your existence is like a light when a matchstick is struck. There is nothing before and nothing after." - Nisargadatta

Knowing oneself as the 'conditioned consciousness' or ʺI amʺ (which is our waking consciousness, and which will pass on death, or which is dormant in deep sleep) is the first step.

From there, it can be seen that the whole knowingness of anything (sights, smells, taste, touch, sound, thought) is actually just the conditioned consciousness or beingness. Just the sense of beingness or consciousness which seems to wake up in the morning.

The focus is thus removed from apparent objects to the knowingness (albeit conditioned knowingness) of the objects. This is sometimes called 'the witness'. The first step of dis-identification has taken place.

From that point of abidance and familiarity (if done repeatedly), which is all the 'individual' can ever do, understanding is complete. Capacity is complete. From there, all talk of future states, enlightenment, change, progression, becoming etc. are seen are pure thought stuff or fantasy.

Eventually, this conditioned consciousness itself collapses (or is seen for what it is), and the unconditioned consciousness is apperceived or intuited as one's actual identity.

This unconditioned consciousness (or Absolute-Nothing) is unaware of itself (or anything for that matter), and of course, cannot be conceived or perceived in any way, shape or form. Yet its existence is certain, since without it, nothing else (including conditioned consciousness or ʺI am-nessʺ) has any 'space' or capacity to exist (just as for a table to exist, there needs to be some space available first).

Things are really very simple, when taken in the appropriate order. Maya is seen through right away, when a step is taken outside of the whole show (which includes the individual). Once this habituated seeing takes place, unquestionable conviction arises. Doubt, seeking further validation from teachings, teachers, scriptures, and questioning itself, all become meaningless. 

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