Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Who am I?"

Self-inquiry: it is like not being at all identified with the body/mind, but being an all pervasive witness to it. 

It's not being identified with the "I am" either (which is a first step only), just being a neutral witness to the body/mind.

Not the "me inside as a person" feeling, but just a witness to all the body/mind, after the "me" gets knocked out quickly and sharply via "Who am I?"

The whole simple point of the practice is just to quickly and easily stun the "me" phantom identification into silence, so that the true witness of it all is made clearly manifest.

Obviously, this needs to be tested and done silently with eyes closed in a quiet place, repeatedly over time. Later, it can be done anywhere anytime, as the need arises. The need being that of getting lost in 'me' identification and separate identity mode once more (our default state from age three).


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