Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Adyashanti book worth reading- "The Way of Liberation"

I'm not one to recommend any of the big "spiritual" players in the marketplace. In fact, I usually discourage people from aligning with ANY of the big players in "the biz". Chiefly because it's just too easy for someone starting out to form yet another self-identity aligned to some popular guru that has a habit of dispensing beautiful platitudes and not much else. You know the sayings .. "be yourself.. ", "just rest in your present being and allow things to happen.. ", "Is this the truth? What's the truth of your being.. " etc. etc. etc. Followers end up being hooked on attending meetings, buying products and the needy cycle continues until a new guru is found. The big payers passively endorse this behaviour. Only a few in the past, such as good old UG Krishnamurti had the courage to slap people away when it was required for their own good.

HOWEVER, I was very impressed with a short and practical book which I found via holybooks.com, written by Adyashanti, and in a most practical and useable format. He's combined a few core areas into a book (and possibly a workable system) and labeled it "The Way of Liberation". It basically details a few ethical foundations, followed by some core practices in open awareness / silent meditation and basic self-inquiry. There's also a contemplative practice using some exampe phrases (which I didn't particularly find too appealing, though one could substitute one's own favourites). Some guidelines are also given at the end for starting up a "study group".

Apart from being free for download, it could provide a very helpful means for someone attempting to break into contemplative practice, and is written in easy to understand language.

Of course, it's just a start, and doesn't aim at explaining any of the subtle nuances underlying nondual teachings (in which the author is normally classed, and which will probably necessitate the purchasing of more products for clarification), though it is as good a practical starting place as other similar works out there.


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